I came
To see
To feel
To be
For a while
Part of Africa
To be nourished by the roots of humankind
To feel the earth beneath my feet
The soil between my toes
To taste the air
I came to listen to the voice of Africa
For the African sun to warm my soul

I leave
Not only is Africa my home
But so is everywhere else
A universal spirit
Is part of me
And I of it
The nature of Africa is in my nature
The nature of Gaia is in my nature
The nature of the spheres is in my nature
I belong
In the Universe

JS 1996

by John Stone

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what do this poem mean
вы вообще охуели чтоли! ! ! ! дибилы
lol it played immediately at full volume while i was in class...
Fame is a fickle food..a great piece of work excellent write and exceptional theme ★
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