(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Fame, Myth And Miracle

Beneath the myth the miracle
Of who we know we are.
And then there is the illusion
For others can only see so far.

There is a foundation
That helps us know the truth.
We never can estimate our depth
So no one really knows you.

We pass to say hello
To a world beyond what we know.
But still we remain embodied
By the pleasures of what we sow.

How can one overcome
The myth and miracle of fame.
Because every soul has a purpose
Although they are not the same.

Estimate your reasoning
How some may get far ahead.
While other lives seem useless
As though they live for dead.

But the instituion of fame
Is found within the inspiration.
The of task in everyday living
Everyone has contributed compensation.

To a Neighbor or a Friend
To a Employer or employee.
To a Cousin or an Aunt
Fame's not limited to just a few.

Fame is not for popularity
Fame is not for people we don't know.
Fame is reeally not to be commended
For its the gift that makes the show.

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