AA (1992 / San Francisco)

Fame's Inside

“Look at her, she’s beautiful”
That is what you say
However, really her life is dull
Just pretending everyday

She fakes a smile
“Look at her lips”
Her heart breaks while
As she goes on long trips

Without makeup, she is like you and me
But inside not so much
If you could only see
Normal is what she wants to clutch

So do not compare
She is just a fake
Normal people are where?
Where is the mistake?

You can dream you are her
But what will that do
Do you want to be stereotyped?
Don’t you want to be you?

So, say goodbye to life
And hello to T.V
We can strife
Or we can just agree

Pretending is your friend
Lying is your #1 fan
You just don’t comprehend
You made your own plan

Your hometown is a myth
Your friends, who are they?
In your mistakes you’ll writhe
Because you betray

But come again you will
And we’ll welcome you still
Not because of your fame
Or of your own name

But because we love you
Just as you are
Even every mistake you do
Even when you are a television star

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