(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Fame Sucks!

I gaze
with amazement

at Bacon's basement
studio in London

transfered from its reality
to an Irish museum.

Here it exists
behind glass

just as he
left it.

I often fear that fame
will pounce on me too

& that I...you
& our room

will evaporate
from its place

in Reality

to become a museum
peice also.

not willing to wait
'til I de

they've sprung into action
& put us behind glass

we're alive.

Tourists come & press
their faces against the glass

observe us as
we make love

buy the tee shirt...the postcard
the coffee table book.

God! Fame
(like love)


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Comments (3)

lovely stuff dd. the title had me thinking id be reading a poem on spoonerisms! it was (as usual) classier than that.
So many in this world go in search for stardom (The Fame) ...but when they get it...the strain that comes with it...not many can handle...It's a love/hate situation...You're either born with it naturally....or you have to fight for it....but really...Are there any winners of the golden prize...or just another number ready to take a fall...when the media have had enough of you....great work Donall 10
Fame, that double edged sword....it seems today, that everybody wants to be famous...X factor... Britain's got Talent...etc A good poem, this. Ruth