BA (06/25/1940 / North Carolina)


What is a family, that’s what we ask,
For some it means little, for they may seek,
A life of love and sharing each other,
For that is the joy a family can keep,

It’s being their always, for each other to share,
Not only in good times, but also the bad,
It’s sharing a life as individuals we have,
It’s sharing the memories, we all have had,

It’s sticking together, when life is rough,
It’s appreciating each, and the life they live,
It’s having a friend, that will always be there,
For advice they share, is from love they give,

In times of sorrow, they all will be there,
To help you through it, for the sorrow they share,
For each has a life, individuals they are,
But when one is in sorrow, the family will care,

It’s sharing the memories, of parents and more,
It’s sharing a childhood and the memories they had,
Of days gone by, in a time that’s passed,
A chuckle, a laugh, and times that were sad,

A unit of love, respecting each life,
A unit of one, but individuals each,
Understanding each life, for the person inside,
To the children of each, that’s what we much teach.

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