I've never known a thing to be

so close to me as family:

Where love abounds on sacred grounds,

and bonds are made, nourished, stayed.

I trek through this mortality

and share my load with family.

I often say, and always know

my family will always grow!

Inside the walls, and hallowed halls

of our sweet home; Our safety dome,

we come from worldly cares to flee,

and unify as family!

This much is true; This much is sure,

Together, pains we will endure!

Unbroken still, determined will

we'll share as kin, and conquer sin!

and this we'll do as family

for time and all eternity!

by Chris Schleier, Jr.

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Totally like this poem - I can identify with you on family - I'm the oldest of 8 and everything you say is true in my life and family. Family also gives you plenty to write about too!