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Do, I have a Family?
If you ask me
I have no family merely associates
For families are genarally suppose to be filled with love

Mine is filled with hatred and with pain.
I am the perfect example of a 21st century family
Due to the mishaps of this world, my mother is a single parent
Much like now most of the world.

And as the years go by it only gets worse.
Families used to be loving, or at least that's what I 've heard.
Why can't we bring back family to what it was?
A mother, a father and children, living under one roof with love

For me, for years I lived afraid for my life, a confused little girl
Without a helpful hand in sight.
Everytime I trusted a man I got burned in the proccess
Only six yet I was afraid because of this.

Because of my 'so-called' family.
Why do they do this to me? !
I can never even look upon my 'brother' the same
For to me he is no longer a brother.

And I do not know how to express my pain, with sorrow or laughter?
Someone please save me from this disaster!
Who do you run to for help
When your family is causing the pain

And the matters are to far- fetched for the police?
Who do you trust and who do you call?
Definetly not your family.
So, now again I ask you


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Yes, you are in the family where the Lord is the head! Face life boldly. You will see the positive wonders!