JB (12/06/1990 / Missoula, MT)


Look me in they eye, tell me that I am great.
You can't? Typical, you never did love me.
You only... fight me... you only force my hate.
Always the same damn thing: all is above me.

You don't want me.

Show me something, show me that you care at all.
Give me hope for reason to see you again.
You'll see I'm gone a year from this coming fall,
My life with you, every moment, was in vain.

You don't need me.

You're not good enough, you'll never be my son.
Famous words from an unknown dad. It was mine.
Fine then, just leave, I certainly won't care none.
Harsh words from an anonymous mother; mine.

I don't need you.

No support, no recognition in all hell.
That's my family, if you can call them so.
It's this thought that my mind always stops to dwell:
When I'm gone, home is the last place that I'll go.

I don't want you.

by Jesse Bauer

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