Family First

Family First

Friends may come and friends may go,
Family is first and this I know,
Putting friends first is a mistake,
And not one that you should make.

Family's forever and this I know,
Friends enter your life and then they go,
Making friends is fun trust me with this,
But not something you would miss.

Love your family while they are here,
Keep their love very near,
Family can leave the world at any time,
So don't make yourself feel like slime.

Family is here to comfort you,
I know your friends do this too,
Without your family you would be lost,
Hold on to them no matter the cost.

by Reema Reji

Comments (5)

Nice writing. Hoping to read more from you.
The importance of family ties explicitly portrayed. Nice poem.
A witty reflection on the essence, importance, and indispensable nature of family ties; well articulated and elegantly penned with conviction. An insightful piece of poetry embellished in beautiful rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing Reema.
Hope you guys enjoyed it! xxx
This is my first poem. Please show mercy! ;) Reema x