Family First

One of the most heart felt feelings is
Putting your family first
It doesn't require a scholar or math whiz
To recognize one suffering from thirst
Whether it be for liquid or love
My parents put family first with education
Taught about respect and God above
About land and its preservation
And about family and friends
Sharing the present and the past
Making family number one with love that never ends
And memories that last and last!

by Ouida Nell Greene

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Yes it’s family with it memories last and last
Good poem
Dear Mr. Ouida Nell Greene, This same poem has been submitted in this web site by one Ms. Ayesha Raoof. I suppose she has just copy pasted the poem from you. The link is given below http: //
You've got a hell of a lot of votes for someone who had no comments before this one! Did you get your friends to vote? Good poem though, and I agree family always comes first. PPPPPPPP