Family: Followed Mischievously In Your Courtly Wake

Went to the supermarket this morning
dancing to a tune playing in my head
doing my can-can step just outside your
peripheral vision, ta-DA-ta-ra-ta-ra-TA-ta

Feeling the wind of my song lifting my feet
high-stepping within rhythmic streams
of music and sound - one friendly stranger
laughed with me as I ducked round the corner

Before you could see me jumping and singing
most inappropriately, then caught sight of a
baby sitting in his chair, looking so smug
and self-contained, not returning my smile

I turned my head away, taking sideways peeks
and he reacted with glee, deliciously! -
before I followed mischievously
in your courtly wake

With a dignified step…

by Margaret Alice

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This ASDA be the only way to go to the supermarket. Delightful. Danny