HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Family Holiday

A happy place I like to be
Is walking out beside the sea.
The soft sand between my toes
The child-hood memories begin to show.

People gathered on the beach under the sun
Children building sand-castles and having fun.
The smell of the salty air
People swimming in the sea without a care.

Sea-gulls up above
The beach is a place I love.
Walking along the pier
The waves crashing so near.

Children collecting shells
From the shore on which they fell.
The boats floating out at sea
Catching fish for people's tea.

The tide comes in and out
Children scream and shout.
Throwing around a frisbee
People playing happily.

The eating of ice-cream
And applying of sun-screen.
A place I went on holiday
These memories will always stay.

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