(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Family Love

They walked in darkness
Blind for many years
They argued they fussed
It all ended in tears.

Now that the graveyard of life
Keeps feelings hidden under the dust
They laugh they smile
Their disputes are filled with rust.

But deep down on the inside
Beneath the crust of hearts of gold.
There still lives unforgiveness
That remains heartless to the soul.

So what is next to the saga
For the family is torn apart
From ones wishes of a good deed
Because they loved them from the heart.

who really cares about things
Why dredge up bygone heartaches
Why hold on to the past
What happened to family love.

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'To forgive is divine' said Shakespeare.When the members of a family don't have forgiving nature, then there will be unhealing fracture. Forgiving nature strengthens family love. Very good theme and content.