Family Matters: You Were Once…

You were once good friends,
I felt jealous, you used
to sit and chat for hours
on end over wine while I
went to bed; you philosophized
about life you took his advice;
you knew he was right – now,
today, I don’t even know how
to tell him I called you secretly –
when you referred to him,
you were angry; when he talks
about you, he claims bullying –
how can I get you to reconcile? –
A sister estranged, a husband
who is insulted; I know you
did not mean bad – but the
cold words that you said
found their mark – is there
no way I can get you to make
up and be friends again?
I need you both in my life,
please help me to find
a way to bring about peace…

by Margaret Alice

Comments (2)

I am not good at talking about other people's poems but yours are good - I've read two. Tomorrow I will find some time to read some more but please slow down. Best regards, sean
It's not easy when the people you love have not reconciled their differences. Hopefully, TIME (the great healer) will resolve everything. Good poem.