'Family' Pain

Sad, disappointed, alone and angry. This is how I've been feeling lately,
Just a flood of emotions that have come over me so greatly.
Why can't I just tell somebody when I am really pissed,
But I seem to alway just stare at my contact list.

Looking at the names of the people who are my friends or 'family',
Yet I'm thinking: 'will they really be there for me? '.
Yeah life is very busy and we all have things to do,
But do you really realize all the stuff I did for you.

We all in relationships now and they are treating you really well,
But who was there for you when you were single? 'Your sister', does that ring a bell? .
I am happy for all of you and I think it's really nice,
The thing that I can't stand, I'm only spoken to when you need advice.

Yes we don't meet or speak as much as we could,
But what if out other half's left us for good.?
What will happen when that day finally come? ,
Will only then we realize what we have become?

How can we really go on in life, like there never was an 'us',
This is something we need to discuss, confuss and adjust.

by Kelly La Vita

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know what you mean, I feel the same at times.