JG (06-08-1985 / )

Family Pictures

Sometimes when watching a movie I see
People from fake family pictures
pretending to be true memories
Staring at me from the screen.

This is my mom, she was so pretty
And here uncle Henrik, full of joy as usual
My father, taken just before marrige
My sister Maria, she looks like a queen
Wearing that lace gown.

No I'm not crying
It's just your imagination.

I haven't watched those since dad's gone
Here's him with mom - honeymoon
Few days off in Paris, wine at Montmartre
Prague, the last whole family holidays
And Maria, she's still wearing that short hair.

Yes please I'd like
A cup of tea very much, thank you.


They will remian tight in albums
Unnamed faking
The only beloved ones
Close friends and enemies
Quiet actors of this movie
Will stay in my mind as
the best - with mysterious
smiles and glances
Mysterious past and
Black and white souls
of the moment.

(some time ago/)

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