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Family Possession

In your own world,
the world who don't know,
what its mean,
what its theme,
The way you think,
the way you look,
at a family member,
no one know,
what its thinking about.
Your mind should think positive,
pray to God it won't oppose.

No one in your family,
no one as your friends,
not even yourself,
knows that you in love with someone,
in your family tree,
more than just a family.
The way you're obsessed,
the way you empress,
on a family member,
that you're deeply in love with,
will lead you to emotional choas,
and confusion on that person,
and other family members,
who starts to realize.

Your wife will leave you,
in suffering passion,
leaving you as she,
sees you in a shameful matter.
Shame on you,
for exporting your love to someone else,
shame on you,
for not giving your attention to your wife,
shame on you,
for using incest movement.
The more you're obsessive,
the more worst it gets,
the more passion will suffer,
as your wife,
leaves you.

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