Fermenting In Stout

I was fermenting in a vat of stout
Slurping down epic gulps of the finest aged hops I have
had the pleasure of drinking in twenty seven dog years.

When a man noticed me some hours later I was reprimanded harshly
“What are you doing? It’s not a trough you know. You’re not a pig are you? ”
I loath when people ask questions that,
don’t need answers to,
make me feel dense
“Show some sophistication would you? ”

He then vanished from view only to return minutes later with a neon green swizzle straw so that I could indulge in more of the exquisite drink
“Here, this should do”
Then he vanished again like all good magicians do.
I was happier than a man,
in a vat of beer,
drinking through
a neon green swizzle straw.

by Nicolas 'Kokonutz' Kokonas

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