Good Morning My Darling Sweetie

Good morning my beautiful darling sweetie,
now that the dentist is done and one of
my teeth that he worked on hurts just a bit
I have popped a Vicodin to get ahead of the pain
and now just want to lay down in bed next to you
for a short time talking and resting
for a very short while.
I could give you light kisses right now
and I surely would because your kisses,
snuggles and love are the medicine that I need.
Being with you is what would make this
morning good indeed.

I didn't get very good sleep at all
my darling through the night
and now after the dentist I just want
to lay down with you filling each others morning with light,
for you to give me that bright shining smile
that always gave me butterflies and tinglings
of pure love and desire for a great Angel.
I love you my sweetie and want to have a good morning
spending time in bed holding each other
because you my sweet Kira are the medicine
that I want and need that will cure all my pains
and take away the loneliness that I feel
and I want to take all of yours away as well
helping you heal in a way you never thought
was possible again.
Good morning my beautiful darling sweetie so good,
never forget you truly are my everything.

by Michael P. McParland

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