The Youth With Guts

Bees stings
Lions roars
Little did I know
That they got it
Right from the youth
When the legs have strength
The hands have strech
Make the youth
Fly to their heights
Their guts could take them
The youth with guts
Like the eagles
They could see very far
Loves real challenge
Takes on real fights
Not shadows of the time
Lies with the truth
Lost with the Lead
The guts found therein
Were duely absent in some
Considered to be heads
But the youth with the guts
May not look it
But live it
May not write it
But knew it
All the time
This world
Needs them
Our world
Needs the youth with guts
For us to be
Where we should be
For life to be
Fruitful and satisfying to all
We need the youth with the guts
Where can we find them?
Who will point them to us?
We need them
Right now!
Are you there?

by Samuel Eyitayo

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