EI (April 12,1991 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Family Reunions

I love them so,
with the egg & spoon races
(grass stains all over) ,
the air thick with the smell of
barbeque ribs on the grills
and heavy with the shouts of the young'uns;
the old ladies (cackling with laughter)
the girls (singing, dancing) .
Grandpa (telling about
'When I was your age')
And the young boys around him
soaking it all in (or nodding off) .
Then Cousin Junebug strolls up
In the bright red suit
and the smile showing bright white teeth.
As I watch the action, I must ask
With wide-opened eyes:
Mom, who are these people?

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Hahahaha...I love the ending Ebone' Terrific poem...sounds like some of my family reunions! Hugs, Dee