ST (6/7/58 / Cleveland, Ohio)

Family Reunions

We come together, young and old
we travel distance just to be
surrounded by our people
cousins, uncles, aunts and grans
in perfect harmony

There’s power in these gatherings,
love renews and flows right through....
through the smiles, hugs and memories
of how we used to be...
through the surprise and glee
when we get to see
the peeps we never knew

Good food, real laughter....
our bonds become so strong
we know that we belong
with each embrace,
with cheek kissed,
with each sang song, ...
we see what we have missed
and we tell ourselves
we've been apart too long

We hold each others hands and pray
thanking Jesus for his grace, ...
ask God to guide us safely home,
until we meet again,
at another time, ...
in another place.

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