SS (10/18/1985 / Levittown, PA)

Family Ties

Life's getting harder from day to day
i'm running short of theories, i hate it this way
i wish it were different, i'm feeling so poor
this hard work isn't paying, can't do it nomore
i used to have it easy though i didn't have much
all i really ever needed was my mother's gentle touch
she left me hangin through plenty of hard times
anything went wrong i was guilty of the crime
you know i never understood the moods she exposed
only thing that mattered was my mouth would overload
i called her things i shouldn't, i didn't even care
the times i heard i love you had become way to rare
i became so distant, and it was gettin well known
i wanted to have a father, i grew up all alone
afraid to ask the questions only a father would know
all my friends had happy lives i felt so low
i never stayed around, i just roamed in the streets
lookin for an escape route, i was always on my feet
i ran to my friends, lookin for some peace
but their with thier father while i suffer great defeat
one day i'll be the daddy that i never got to have
i'll raise my daughter right, she will never be sad
i cry every day, wishin i did things different
but it can't be that way because i'm not that gifted

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