Limiting Factors.

Poem By Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

Then it began from dateless times
And generation begat generations
Oh now my mind dribbles back the lane of past times
When we ran about naked or with torn panties
And time begat time and we now begat kids
That shall in time tell our stories

Pains and woes have shown us their faces
Joys and laughters we hold unto still
Eziudo remains the moto in our hearts
No matter the times we remain real
Umu nwachukwu shall never know weakness

We now dwell in the land chukwu swore to our fathers
We have taken the world by storm and happy are the brethren
And now they that once castigated us shall now make the talks
This land that was disolate is become like the garden of eden

It couldn't have been had we stayed divided
The joys of togetherness breed many riches and soul upliftment
Forgivenes abounds for them who wished us scattered
I wait to tap thier heads as they postrate for our acknowledgement

Well, this one mother bore seeds upon seeds
In the journey of marriage I need hold my eyes in my hands
That I don't marry a branch of same tree I sprouted
Family reunion a good nyokometer to ensure this I never did
Otherwise each branch of the tree at every nook and cranny found
And acts of ignourance beget pains from curses of never known cause

Lines of children continues to series of children
And cousines, nieces and nephews expand forming a clan
And then grands unto great-grands and it still continues
Never would end when them mine come to join the duce
And the family tree grows wider and richer and fatter and longer than the iroko
And umu nwachukwu is known with that logo

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