Family Tree

Mother and Father
we all had two,
grandmas and grandpas
we can name quite a few.
The immediate and the greats,
the great, greats, and the great great greats,
these, believe me
are quite a crew.
Of course these aren't all,
there are more of them than I can recall.
We could research back to Adam and Eve,
you remember those two
whom the serpent deceived.
He came upon our fore-parent Eve,
then challenged her
to eat the forbidden fruit.
She ate; then gave to Adam
who then realized his nakedness
and sewed for himself a fig-leaf suit.
The fig leaves he sewed
weren't too strong,
Adam immediately suspected
that he had done wrong.
God walked in the cool of the evening
throughout the entire garden,
after calling out to Adam
whom He gave no immediate pardon.
God already knew what the serpent had done.
God said in sorrow that Eve would conceive;
then bare a son.
The serpent's punishment was meted out; too,
while he was still snaking around,
God said it would crawl on its belly;
then eat dust from the ground.
God placed enmity
between the serpents seed and Eve's,
all because of that forbidden meal,
her seed would bruise the serpent's head,
its seed would bruise her heel.
So our family tree extends all the way back
to Adam and Eve, which is the very end,
So if Adam and Eve are your fore-parents; too,
That makes us cousins, friend.

by M. Evelyn Lee

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