Family Unity

A mom in your corner when times are bad,
a sister to call when you’re feeling sad,
being a friend when your brother has a breakup,
a bear hug from your dad when you kiss and makeup.

Helping your aunts with the pies and cakes,
eating at the table with your cousins on holidays,
groovin’ to the sounds of R & B,
or all the guys watching the games on TV.

All the kids in the basement playing together
or in the backyard depending on the weather.
laughing and screaming in all their fun,
precious moments you take for granted
when you’re young.

Grandma and grandpa enjoying the scenes
of family eating, playing cards or watching the games.
Reminiscing on many years long gone
of other relatives and friends that have passed on.
Taking pictures for our future generations to see
as evidence of our family unity.

by Cassandra Boyd

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