(g) 3 (Biographical) The Ocean Paradox

I'm turbulent
My waves surge to reach out
To the roof of my mind
They crash at the shore
of my restless psyche making me blind
They heave with a passion
In a bid to reach out to my dreams
They immerse you suddenly
And take you in my regimes
They dance and sway
With the natures heartbeat
They resound with echoing love
Travelling with a lightening speed

I'm tranquil
My inner recesses are still
In a stark contrast
I'm vivid blue in daylight
And dark as wine in the night
You can drown
If you dont know how to swim
Or discover new islands
If you learn to float in the brim
I have a breathtaking new world
Living inside that u wouldnt have imagined
Where millions can get immersed
Infinite depth unfathomed

by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

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