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JN ((1969 -) / England)


Poem By J.L. Nash

Well, How did it happen?
I think it was when I was feeling kind of
A little bit miserable with life and I had
Waded into some kind of
Murky depth of the soul. Without nicotine but definitely
With everything else. I am not sure but when I play back
The video I can see how stoned I was
How drunk I was
And perhaps I was hallucinating
But it is amongst all this
I clearly saw him turn around
And smile At me
From the film
He definitely smiled At me
And for the film
I said to myself
On film and aloud
I think I am in love with Jackie Chan

At the time I am sure he was a little bit in
Love with me too. His little face
Stared right out of the tv
I know it’s not meant to happen
But in the movies
I swear to you he was looking at me.
Everywhere I went, it was his face I knew
I saw his face in the restaurant at Uliga Dock
At the Chinese corner store
Around the aisles at the Formosa store
Each shopkeeper knew
But I had to keep my love a secret
After all
He is famous

I was bursting to tell and I told my friend
Lisa and she thought I was a little strange
But being wise she decided not to comment
On the plot or the fact that I might be losing it
Staying on a tropical island will get to you so everyone says so
I have been here the longest I am sure
Of those who’ve had a choice
And perhaps I have lost it but
Watching Rush Hour and Rush Hour Two and
Shanghai Knights and I want to see Shanghai Noon and
First strike. Let’s face it I need to see him every day
I’ve got to see him
I can’t go a day without watching him
Athlete actor director who saw me
Through the tv I know he did
And in that moment of mutual recognition
I knew he did too

You may think I’m crazy
But I’m going to check my emails
As I check them everyday you see
I contacted him and have to see if he replied
One day
He will

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