Fanning The Flame

It may be irresponsible,
To lay the blame on those to claim...
They fan the flame.
Since that accusation is a false statement.
Unloading the gasoline.
Then setting a match to it.
Is much different,
Then witnessing them...
Actively using the fan to flame,
The heat that has created...
Division and hatred.
Even though they may have implied,
Why there is gasoline and a fan...
In the midst of everyone's presence.

"My rhetoric may be inflammatory.
But the recent horrific events,
Should not be associated...
With my daily references made,
About what 'some' people do I despise.
Even though I take every opportunity I can,
To ensure my comments are given attention.
Since I intentionally say,
Anything possible...
That is nasty, disgusting, irrational.
And totally obnoxious.
My fans love it.
No pun intended."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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