Fantasies Of Accomplishment

Does a normalcy achieved with good credit,
Remain so when lifestyles crumble...
And taxes are still due on what is 'owned'?
When a quality of life as shown today,
With very little quality of it left...
Begins to fade as the end of a masquerade nears.
Do those who brag about being on one job,
For twenty-five to thirty years
Rush to retirement pensions dwindling?
Or do they wish they had been mavericks
Who decided many years ago...
Being thought of as 'crazy' isn't nearly as bad
As trying to hold onto something,
That not only has lost value...
But everything about it has lost meaning?
When squirrels are secretly meeting
To discuss sharing their nuts
With the less fortunate..
I would think that this would be a hint
That a way of life taken for granted,
Is changing more rapidly
Than those who believed...
Holding onto material possessions
Leaves an impression,
They should and could possibly sleep peacefully at night!
Especially those who find they are clocking more hours,
Than dollars to maintain fantasies of accomplishment!
And 'where' does this all lead?
To a sharing of never ending delusion!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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wonderful write with great truth to pertaining reality of life at large! loved the read! take care! hema