Fantasized Enchantment

'What is Love,
If there is no wounding done? '

Fantasized enchantment.

'I'm not asking you.
You've been wounded too many times.
I'm asking that delicious dish,
In the back of the room!
You're new with us at Bible class,
Aren't you?

You, young lady.
What is love,
If there is no wounding done? '

Can you direct your question to someone else.
I use to be a man before I went through post-op.
Now I've changed my mind.
So much I did not take into consideration.~

Let's change the subject.'

Reverand Smith?
I think 'Fantasized Enchantment',
Would be a good topic.
And an appropriate one to talk about.
Perhaps you have a recent wound,
You would like to share and discuss with us?
Reverand Smith...?
Reverand Smith?

'Let us pray.
To be forgiven of 'our' misunderstandings.
With a trust that The Almighty accepts our decisions.'

With an emphasis on our temptations?

'Bowed heads with eyes closed, please!
Thank you.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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