Fantasized To Romanticize

It pays to remain updated.
To the rapid changes.
Coming today that are being made.
Gone is stability.
And what that meant even yesterday.
No longer can anyone depend upon,
A normalcy to keep it.
To perceive others wearing multiple hats,
Have not mastered a single task.
But may have abilities,
To do and choose what they wish.
From sunrise to sunset.
With minds adaptable.
And abilities flexible.
To have known stability,
Will not in the future...
Accommodate anyone.
Believing they can sit to wish,
For days to return...
That will bring back to them benefits.
When cobblestones streets.
And horse pulled wagons,
Were remembered as the good days.
Long to not exist.
To revisit the times their ancestors lived.
Fantasized to romanticize,
A contemporary convenience of their struggles.
Done to do temporarily.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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