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Fantastic Free Spirit

Free Spirit,
Does not follow all the facts,
Psychological normality,
In most instances does lack.

Never schemer,
In Life's inconsistent act,
Chasing shadows, past and present,
Knowing nothing's here to last.

Like the wind blowing thru willows,
One day strong and one day not,
Spirit up and spirit down,
Tenderness that will not stop,
Easily called, sentimental,
Emotionality on top.

Pinnacle, conclusion,
As Free Spirit, most important,
Feel intensely to all depth,
So completely, Life's devotion,
Love, Free Spirit's inner strength.

by Sandra Feldman

Comments (2)

This is like a balance sheet in which the energy, drive, motivation of the free spirit shows surprising and gratifying resilience. You don't say this directly but I found this extremely positive, especially coming to it after reading the next poem (I always forget titles! ! The one ending YESTERDAY, TOMORROW, TODAY) . FREE SPIRIT/DREAMER/PLANNER - these are the three roles we play that will preserve our identity.
Freedom of thought is important to me. I am still swayed by humanity. Does that make me weak? Perhaps.