(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Grain Of Sand

If I hold a grain of sand
so tiny in my hand
it makes me sensitive and I understand
that is just like me.

For I am miniature on this earth
and yet I know my worth
and value how my granted birth
wants me to be free.

So I may wander with the flow
and like the sand just go
where the earthly tides do blow
so that I may see

that life is ever changing.
For it's rearranging
and always is exchanging
the scenes that come to me.

It creates new challenges I must face,
never allowing any space
to separate my warm embrace
from the grain of sand I see.

by Edwina Reizer

Comments (1)

A most enjoyable poem. Rather magical. Smiling at you Mrs FanTaiStick