Fantastic, Unpleasant And Horrible.

I was a sleep and having a fantastic dream,
Where only I can go, there are no other people,
I must make them up you know,
Where do they come from?
Why are they in my head?
Why is there a strange storyline?
At night while I’m in bed,
My dreams are so vivid they seem so real,
Sometimes I wake delighted and sometime I could squeal,

I had one dream, where I was an angel,
dressed in pure white, doing summersaults,
that was a fantastic night,
I woke in a wonderful mood; it was a delicious, delightful day,

Then I have had a dream about Frankenstein,
And I felt down and tired all day,
He was trying to get to me through my window,
Why, I have no idea, but I woke up in a sweat
and a state of anger and fear.

On the whole my dreams are good,
Which is a good thing for me,
I’d hate to keep having bad dreams,
That would be unpleasant and horrible!
I'm sure you would guarantee.

by Pamela lutwyche

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Dreams are indeed versatile as described in this poem.