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Where have all the men gone,
the ones that love and hold one true,
the ones that romance and adore,
just one, just one....just you.

Where have all the men gone,
the ones that fill there gut with pride
but at the site of there love,
they love a love they cannot hide.

Where have all the men gone,
who court rather than buy
a womans affection, adoration
with thin green paper lies.

Where have all the men gone,
who can learn to love just one
and need her, want her-only her
and treat her like the Sun.

Where, OH, where can I find a man...
who can breath me, love me,
hold me, need me, feel me,
adore me, remind me,
but most of all, just tell me.....

A man who can love pure
like Hector loved Andromache
that no amount of exterior beauty
could sway his heart away.

I could be your woman...
simple, yet loyal and good.
Cook, clean, mend, and tend
to your needs and whatever should
come to mind.

I yern for this love that melts into each other
only to find a world of unexplored possiblities
and beauty and pure love desire.

Many men want this kind of woman,
the woman I can be, the woman I am..
yet they want to give me used, abused
left over scraps that hide emotion
and know no romance......
where, OH, where is the man
who can complete me and love me purely?

Judith Alegria-Gutierrez

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Comments (4)

A nice piece of searching and longing for love.Simple but you did justice to what you feel. Very nice presentaion and well penned. Keep it up! Lovely poem
This one i love, and love is hard to find, i did but that was my yesterday, take care.
Great poem, Judy. Wish I had written it! Any luck with Sid or Jon yet, lol? Love, Fran xx
Awesome. Yearning with a capital 'Y'. Bittersweet and tender. Great! ! Jon.