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Lately I feel so lost

Don’t know who I am

And I don’t know where I am going

Life just seems to be the same

Wake up and go to work

And do it again all over again

I feel like nobody sees me

I feel like nobody hears me

I feel like I am completely all alone

I’ve been thinking lately

About who I am today

But I don’t know the words that define me

To some people I come off as strong

I don’t let others bother me

But in all actuality I’m just putting up a front

I’m trying to be someone people like

Someone people enjoy being around

I actually think I’m becoming somebody that is not me

I’m usually a lover, I let everybody in

I don’t have a problem accepting people for who they are

But lately I have become a hater

Maybe I’ve become a hater because I am losing who I am

Or maybe I’m still searching for who I want to be

Or maybe I never actually knew who I was

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