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AO (September 18,1984 / Placer, Surigao Del Norte)


Why does my heart go jumping every time I see you?
Why do I sense falling for you?
Is this for real?
What kind of feeling is bothering me now?
Wish I haven’t known you if this would just remain as my fantasy.
The truth is, I felt the difficulty of this situation.
I don’t know how to act normally when your presence is near me.

Is this love? Am I really in love?
When I think that we are together, my whole world is shaking.
Memories are always cherished especially when it is all about us,
No matter how rough and tough it is-
Forever you will remain in my heart,
For there is a special place provided for a rare person like you.

(Handurawan Entry 2002 @ Father Saturnino Urios University)
Written by: Aira from Secta Dep’t
Inspired by a friend who met the man of her dream through chatting

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An aptly titled poem about internet love...
thru chattin? ? ? / that was some luck! ! read my fantasy, hope you like it. appreciate it.