(The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

Fantasy: Baron Boris Von Bigwigsburg*

Now let’s see, said an Alice happily, let’s
make a list of wonderful things from the
book Ordinary Princess: Firstly, important
titles like “The Lord High Inviter of Wood
Fairies”, and “The Right Honourable Minister
with Portfolio for Inviting Water Nymphs”;
at this, Alice clapped her hands with glee

A fairy gave the Seventh Princess a gift to bring
her more happiness than possessing beauty; she’d
be ordinary - courageous, cheerful, charming and
witty, yet nobody noticed because she wasn’t a
beauty… sometimes her beautiful sisters became
an object of envy, but she knew what fun
they missed by not being her

They cared for their complexions, while she roamed
the forest, climbing trees and swimming effortlessly,
her sisters married boring princes; Royal Highnesses
and Serene Transparencies left in shock on finding
the Seventh Princess so very ordinary, the Duke of
Rubarbary left immediately to visit Baron Boris
Von Bigwigsburg –

An Alice laughing merrily about these foppish
characters, forming an ideal to be ordinary

Quoted from M.M. Kaye “The Ordinary Princess” 1980

by Margaret Alice

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