(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Fantasy Fits

Encircled riches...
Possessed in protective clutches.
Prizes awarded to raise influence,
And materialize a gain.
Without common sense attached...
Since this is not a matching game.

A perception of greed,
Feeds this haunting curse increasing.
Freedoms decrease...
From this abusing crush!

They can not see themselves,
Licking fingers...
With thick drippings of incompetnce.
Backed up against walls,
Fenced and closing in!
By leeching façades.

Odd they are,
To self inflict wounds and scars unbothered.
Choosing to ignore the power of God...
In rituals sobbed to keep misspent resources.
Selecting rejections and who remains endorsed!

Messages Mother Nature sends relentlessly,
Leaves not a dent...
On these minds in scenes routinely gluttony bent!
Exploiting shores that are way off course.

And kept distracted,
Are those entrenched in entertainment whims.
Fretting to maintain good credit standings sustained,
With stains of a stenching detriment!
Drained to locate borrowers who will lend.
While foreclosures come to hint...
A dwindling comes to crooked pockets to leave just lint!

'Spending limits come to those plugged into fantasy fits.'

Resistance drifts,
On playgrounds erected on soundless gambling risks.
Coming to drown those in profound debt!
Shifting from those with...
To those with nothing left to lose,
Or could care less about any of this!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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