CCA (11/22/48 / Ft. Lauderdale Florida)

Fantasy In Sugarland

A giant hand carved maple door
Hugh standing doors nothing more
Two round brass knocker’s overhead
Message hung from handle that said

Bow once left, twice to the right
Face my handles clap with all your might.
Doors opened slowly as I begin to hear
Sounds of children laughing quite near

How could this be? Where were the walls?
Whoops! Downward sailing over the falls
Sounds and smells were getting stronger
Bounced off the end standing in wonder

Talk about Alice in wonderland!
Hello and welcome said Baby Grand
Ivory keys announce that you ventured.
This place creates all adventures.

Hello came a voice looking at my feet
My name is twig the wizard have a seat
What makes you a wizard humbly I ask
Whatever I’m asked I finish the task

That he does said a voice from above
Looking up an apple tree gave me a shove
Stood leaning on a stone wall don’t worry
You won't fall so much to see better scurry

Into a courtyard with a glitter bug moon
Tranquility blue peppermint swooned
J.D.Buggins calls the raspberries chime
Gingerbread Sam speaks in rhymes

Sun kissed twins, Barney Banana swoon
Roundy the watermelon shakes and croons
Tulip horns announce new visitor is here
Out from the shadows the Queen did appear

Welcome my dear to Sugarland our home
Fairy’s buzzing in marched the gnomes
Toddy the troll said you I wanted greet
Sugarland our home your creation to meet

Fairytales were lost and fantasy died
We brought you here to take this ride
You have brought us back to life you see
Marshmallow shores and pumpkin seas

Pineapples suns and butterfly fields
Magical daydreams is what you yield
Bring back the child from their hearts
Show them the way and where to start.

Help them find the child with in
Through chocolate fences enter in
Listen for the cherries that sing
Look for giant oak door with two rings

Copyright ©2005 Carole Cookie Arnold

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