Fantasy Pimp

Online quietly with a fantasy pimp!
The children are asleep and the spouse
On another business stint!
Naked and feeling sensual,
With no sense at seems!
These lonely PC seduced smut pushers...
Bare their souls,
For a cyber sex scene!
Text messaging their 'do's and 'dont's
With choice fonts in 'Arial' at 10 point print,
The fantasy pimp captivates and pleasures
In this chatroom where just screen names are known...
In 'Big Sticks With Feathers'
Sharing downloads of shared 'visions' breathlessly shown.
And the sex is quite sleazy.
Making it easy to masturbate a thick and stiff bone!
In the comfort of one's home alone.
Watching 'Big Sticks With Feathers' teaches as one sits...
A few tricks to use when the spouse returns,
And the desire not to forget none of the penetrating grips!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

Good poem! could be better though
Well Mr. Pertillar you have so much to say. Keep it up.
You seem to know a lot on the subject, Lawrence! ! Love, Fran xx