Fantasy's Tidal Wave

Listening to sounds of musical poetry within, fanciful
delights dancing in continuous motion, allowing freedom
of movement and choice.

Pagentry unfolded, unconcealed, unchosen, taken to unknown
heights of reason and knowledge, carefully taken into
consideration, becoming the fullness of an entire being.

Tantalized with the purity of innocence, recovery of
child-like poses, attitudes and disclosures, life is led
on an inner journey, no protests made or considered.

Fan-fare and circumstances do not delay the inevitable
portrayal of eons, proceeding majestically in poetry on

Silently parading, mightier than the sword of irreversible
thought and verbal notations, many words of a prolific
genius are at work, creating the world in black ink strokes.

Taking the entire population for a ride through fantasy and
truth, atop a tidal wave of emotional release and untold

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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