(The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

Fantasy: Seven Baby Dragonlets, Cake-And-Icing

Woke up this morning in pizza-pain, combating
it by reading how the dragon Alberic came to
stay with kids who were sad when he left, he
came back with seven baby dragonlets, leaving
one behind to take his place, thus the friendship
chain would go on - the pizza forgotten, I got up
with a feeling of bright expectation – all thanks
to Alberic – I took him along to the shops
staring in delight at chocolate cake with thick
chocolate icing, you said no, pizza’s enough, I said
if I had only three months to live, I’d go on a cake-
with-icing diet, never touching broccoli and spinach
again, I’d eat all the cake and icing I could find,
chocolate, vanilla, mocca, granadilla, with the
icing spread as thick as can be- that’s when
Alberic left me, he couldn’t stand the idea
of so many scrumptious cakes without tasting
some himself, off he went, hunting for cake;
I sought comfort in the tabloids, read with
dismay Britney had a horrible youth, Cat Woman
had been operated upon once too much - deeply
affected, I went to Alberic in a land of magic
where flying dragons love their dragonlets –
then send them forth to befriend
lonely humans…

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fantasies do exist...........in a dreams.........of bliss.