ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Far And Away

When I was young and restless,
I dreamed of adventuring far away.
Somewhere nobody could find me,
And life would always be fruitless.

Those wishes never appeared to come.
So remotely crazy were these yearnings.
It seems like ages ago of those visions.
I still have them, and then maybe some.

My eyes imagined desirable possessions.
I wished for some happiness and comfort,
And that I wouldn’t have to cry for hope.
If I search hard, I may find my obsessions.

Well, I guess I would rather be at home,
And my ideas don’t get me into trouble.
I have learned much from my wonderings.
Here, I share my memories with some.

My friends are around sharing with me.
The roving road is a lost time for awhile.
Now I dance joyfully with my companion.
Those needless ideas are forever free.

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