Far Beyond Limits Of Restrictions

If a peeling away of every layer of their pretentions,
Is their intention...
More than an economic crisis now experienced,
Will be revealed.

They also will discover,
A weakness in their deceit and delusion...
Has increased in awareness,
By those they have chosen to oppress...
With their foolish beliefs,
That a truth 'they' seek...
Is a concept of their creative mentalities.
To continue a manipulation they alone control.
Not so.
As the evolution of those reaching a higher consciousness,
Are lifted to new plateaus to view and 'see' with visions...
Far beyond limits of restrictions.
Or druthers of others sold on dominance and confusion.

With a leaving behind those of demented minds!
As a magnitude of this reality and truth,
Breaks free...
From confined and defined divisions of flaunted greed,
That has suppressd with a keeping of a materialistic feeding!

These times that have arrived are here to stay.
And can not be chased away or threatened by ignorance.
No religious or political movement,
In this invisible 'spiritualness' is involved.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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