We Share Much In Common

The rhymes come to me and on paper i pen them down
Though in that for me there's no wealth or renown
And something for me to rhyme of every day
To rhyme is so easy it does seem this way
A bird whose song is quite familiar to me
The silver bill magpie pipes on a gum tree
In practicing his music he spends some of his time
A bird addicted to song as i am to rhyme
The beautiful music so pleasant to hear
Of the bird who does sing every day of the year
We share much in common does that seem a strange thing
I rhyme for the love of it and he loves to sing
He is an ageing bird and i am an ageing man
But we will sing and rhyme for as long as we can.

by Francis Duggan

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What wonderful personification. To be read aloud, over and again.