(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Far From An Exaggeration

The reality lived,
That those who awaken each day...
To first express a thankfulness,
For being aware they are blessed is...
Doing their best to not become upset,
When their steps are faced with an obstacle.
As if planted to test their kept faith.
There are times when evildoers on the loose,
Want to have known exactly what they do.
And blessed are the ones,
Who continue making efforts to endeavor done.

Surviving through told lies,
And fields where deceivers sit...
Prepared to disguise their dishonesty.
Sometimes takes the strength of a mule,
To plow through a day just to get through it to do.

The reality lived that is,
That many awaken today to face...
With attempts made to ignore,
Others seeking 'something' to be negative about...
Is doing the best one can,
To keep a mouth closed and lips together pressed.
Carrying mints kept available is highly suggested.
Especially when listening to anyone wishing,
To diminish any signs that show...
Someone has discovered,
Their own happiness to have found.
And 'that'...
During these times few find fantasized to live,
Is far from an exaggeration!

'Those people talk about me all the time.
And they have no idea what kind of life I live.
I'm not donating 'my' head for 'their' headaches.
I've done enough of that,
With friends I thought were close.
And backbiting relatives.
I'm not going to...'

~Would you like one or two mints? ~

'You're not listening.'

~I know.
Would you like one or two mints? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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