(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Far From Complicated

It no longer matters,
How important the message.
To ensure it delivered and sent.
It can be a tweet or email.
Animated to then be...
Simplistically meant to be basic.
With content intended,
To comprehend and far from complicated.
There are those who will not accept,
Any thinking to do as a thought process.
But if it is gossip to hear it.
Juicy enough to disrespect someone else,
Quick it rushes from their lips.
And received by ears,
Faster than an epidemic can infest.
Done to another...
They have never met.
Heard to speak.
Nor approached to say hello.
And yet...
Unbelievable it is,
These are the same people who claim...
Unity between family, neighbors and friends,
Can not begin to happen unless...
We all start accepting our differences expressed.
And openly confess to our own wrong doings.
Although not addressed,
Is the gossip and innuendos...
That actively implements the division,
Culprits like these...
Deny and disbelieve,
Is a creation from their own minds.
Sought to seek.
To verify and validate.
A doing they have done.
To identify and find.

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