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Far From Good People

The Human World as ever is not short of leaders
But sadly good leaders remain in the few
So many so called leaders have been disappointing
And this is not saying anything that is new

So many wealthy and famous leaders are far from good people
They do abuse their power in quite a bad way
So many because of them are only the poorer
And this in itself is a sad thing to say

So few leaders as is known live by good example
They grow famous and wealthy at others expense
They lack in honesty, kindness as well as compassion
And to grow famous by wealth and deception to them makes good sense

So many badly flawed and corrupted leaders
There is no shortage of them in Countries Worldwide
Whilst many are growing poorer they are growing more wealthy and powerful
Those who are at the top of the social divide

In the Human World there are winners and losers
And for one to win big many does have to lose
And so many yearn to be wealthy and famous
And poverty anyone never does choose.

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